Of Mice and Men

Discrimination based on age is also evident in the film The Help. Charlotte fires Constantine because she is too old and slow. How can I EXPAND or explain these sentences?

The film The Help directed by Tate Taylor

This is for an Essay.

What ideas about discrimination based on age are going on in this scene in the film.

Also techniques and hidden ideas.

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Ageism, the discrimination done to those older workers, is a problem in this film, especially when we look at Charlotte's behavior toward Constantine. The real discrimination relates to the fact that Charlotte is completely uncaring toward Constantine in regards to her loyal years of service or her life outside her role as Charlotte's "help." The way Charlotte treats Constantine is simply Charlotte's way of saying that she is in charge and that Constantine has outlived her usefulness. In a sense, she treats her like an old, worn-out horse putting her out to pasture. However, there will be no "pasture" for Constantine, since once Charlotte fires her, there will be no contact between the two again.

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