Of Mice and Men

describe the conversation geaorge and lennie have after the men go in search of a fight between curley and slim

of mice and men

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Curley enters looking for his wife. After learning she is not present, he asks if the men have seen Slim. He suspects they may be together. He learns Slim is in the barn and storms off toward it. Several of the men follow hoping to see a fight.

George and Lennie, who remain behind, begin to discuss their future farm. George describes to Lennie the sights, sounds, and smells of the farm they hope to someday own and the description interests Candy. The old man, we learn, has a three hundred dollars saved up and rather than living out his days on the ranch, he asks to join the George and Lennie in this farmland paradise. George agrees and with Candy’s investment, which is half the cost of the ranch George described, the dream becomes more tangible.