Of Mice and Men

Describe the atmosphere that is created by the imagery in the first two paragraphs of the novel

why does george get angry with lennie after they arrive in the clearing?

What does the dead mouse in his pocket reveal about Lennie?

Why does George urge Lennie to remaine quiet when they meet the boss at the ranch where theyll be working?

As they prepare the campfire for dinner, Lennie remarks that he likes his bean with ketchup, sending george into a rage. how is george tirade revelatory?

is lennie capable of manipulating george?

What is the purpose of the story of the rabbits that george tells lennie?

before they go to sleep, george tells lennie to hide in the brush near their campsite and wait for george to come if he gets into any trouble. what prediction can readers draw from georges instructions?

why does steinbeck describe lennie in animalistic terms?

what did you learn i the first section of mice and men?

I need help with these all. They are from the very first section/ chapter.

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Hi, please submit each of your questions one at a time and I will get to them. Thanks.

Why does George urge lennie to remain quiet when they meet the boss at the ranch where they'll be working?