Of Mice and Men

Describe Curly as a human being. How does he treat his father, how does he treat his wife, how does he treat the workers. Use specific examples from the story to support your opinion.

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The son of the ranch owner, Curley is a man of short stature who is nevertheless a formidable boxer. Curley is aggressive, boastful and cocky, with a volatile temper and a tendency to provoke conflict with the weak, as he does with Lennie. Part of Curley's bravado stems from anxiety over his new wife, who everyone widely suspects of being "a tramp." He spends a great deal of time monitoring her, believing her to be off with other men when she is not under his supervision.

We don't learn a lot about Curley's relationship with his father, except that he dresses like him, and tries to make the ranch hands feel like he is in charge.