Of Mice and Men

curley's wife.

why did she marry curley?

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She was on the rebound from the man who had promised to put her into motion pictures.

Ive read the novella about 6 times, and i found outabout the 4th time, that Lennie had 3 wives and 13 kids

Coco, your're right!

The symbolisme is very evident in showing that she is liberated when Lennie kills her. If you pay attention, you will see that as soon as she is killed, a dove flies out of the barn, and its "liberated". In this case, it is like Curley's Wife is liberated from Curley, whom she doesn't like. Also, we see that she isnt given a name because she is known as curley's possesion. In conclusion, i believe that my answer and coco's answer put together, would put anyone through university.

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She was on the rebound from the man who had promised to put her into motion pictures. Of course that man lied to her, but she believed that her mother was destroying his letters. She wanted to get away from home, so she married the first guy who paid attention to her--Curley, whom she met at a dance. She just wanted to escape. Some escape. She is treated as property and trusted even less at the ranch than at home. Her REAL escape comes when Lennie kills her.

In the phrase, "An what am I doin. Standing here talkin to a bunch of bindle stiffs, a n***er and a dum dum and a lousy old cow, an likin it becasue there aint nowone else. It is cLEAR THAT CURLY IS FED UP. SHE IS LETTING OUT ALL THAT IS BOTTLED UP INSIDE OF HER. SHE BELIEVES THAT THE OTHER REJECTS WOULDNT EXLUDE HER. IN CONCLUSION, MY ANSWER IS BETTER THAN YOURS BECAUSE I GO TO HARVARD.

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We are getting off topic. We should talk about Curly'S wife. Does she like jam

yes... on page 1, it says tht she likes watermelon jam

o interesting. This foreshadows the end where Lennie chokes on a watermelon

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