Of Mice and Men


Why do many of the characters in this story have Cs at the beginning of their names.

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Although this question cannot be answered definitively, as only the author can say if the naming of characters was intentional or random, one might argue that Steinbeck named so many of the supporting characters names that begin with the letter C as a way of differentiating them from his two protagonists, Lennie and George. Clearly, George and Lennie are outsiders, belonging to noone else but each other, thus, illustrating two of the themes of the novel: loneliness and companionship. At the same time, the author would be showing the similarities of all these characters-they are all predatory and victims and and abusers of one another.

I think Steinbeck uses the letter 'C' at the beggining of the name (Especialy Curley and Curleys' wife) Because the 'C' is a very harsh sounding letter. You realyl have to spit it and that adds the the venoumous nature of the couple.