Of Mice and Men

Crooks was just put down by Curley's wife, and that made him feel less human. He realizes there will always be someone that will make him feel worthless. How does this add to your understanding of the text?


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Crooks is a victim of prejudice on the ranch. He isn't allowed in the bunkhouse , he has his own quarters, and even when he thinks that maybe.... something good is going to happen, someone walks in (Curley's wife) and feels it is her right to demean him. Curley's wife picks on Crooks because she knows she can intimidate him.... she knows that he is as lonely or lonelier that she is. She seems to enjoy the power she has over him, and sadly, he allows her because in the end.... he is still the only black man on the ranch, and she's right.... no one would believe him anyway.


Of Mice and Men