Of Mice and Men

Compare the books Of Mice and Men to The Pearl both written by John Steinbeck

I am writing an essay and need help with comparing these two novels. Thank you.

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This is a really interesting question. Thematically there are some similarities. Both George and Lenny dream of a future in a small farm of their own. Here they would not have to answer to ranch bosses; they have the dream of security and home. Kino wants the same things for his family. He feels the diamond will give his family a sense of financial security. Kino dreams of not eking out a living in poverty. Both works have a sense of "elsewhere" to them, a sense of redemption if only they might achieve their goals. Like Lenny, Kino spends much time on the run. People want his diamond. In Mice and Men, people are after Lenny and George must contend with this. We can also extend this metaphor to the novels’ respective endings. As Kino must destroy (or at least toss into the sea) his diamond for a greater good, George must destroy Lenny.