Of Mice and Men

5. What is Curley like? How does he rub George the wrong way from the start? What does George mean, “What’s he got on his shoulder?

I really need an answer for the last question

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Curley is the bosses son. He has a serious case of small guy complex. We first meet Curley when he bursts into the bunk house demanding to know where his wife is. Curley seems to be looking for a fight to validate himself. Of course nobody wishes to challenge him because he is the bosses son. George notices that Curley goes after whoever he thinks won't or can't put up a fight. George is afraid Curley will try to provoke Lennie because of Lennie's mental incapacity. George says that Curley has a "chip on his shoulder" meaning Curley has something to prove because of his small stature.