Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

There was one survivor from the murder of Laius, who is he?

 Why has he chosen to leave the city and why did he refuse to tell his secret until forced to do so

?What message does the messenger from Corinth deliver and why is it one that Oedipus is happy to receive?  Why does Jocasta seem relieved?

What is the prophecy that Oedipus heard as a young man?

What is the prophecy that Laius and Jocasta heard as a young couple?

How did they both react to these prophecies at the time?What other information does the messenger from Corinth hold?

Why does Jocasta want Oedipus to stop his search for his truth of his birth?  Why does Oedipus think she is advising him to stop?

What does the servant of Laius confess when he is forced?To what extent are the things that happen to Oedipus his own fault or the fault of others?  Is he ever able to choose a course of action?What would have happened if Oedipus had died according to his birth parents’ plan?How do Tiresias’ words come back to haunt Oedipus?

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The one who survives is the servant of Laius and Jocasta who actually took the baby Oedipus and gave him to the servant of the king of Corinth who then gave the baby to Polybus and Merope.  When Laius is killed he escapes; he lies when he gets to the city and says that they were attacked by a gang of robbers because he sees Oedipus and fears him.