Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

How does the account of Oedipus's search for the murderer of Laius resemble a detective story? What makes it different

I do not understand this play at all. help!!!

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Well, we have a natural disaster (the plague), that is blamed on a murder (Laius' murder), that hasn't been solved and is a mystery. Oedipus must solve the mystery to save the city~ he sends Creon to the Oracle and finds that the only way to eliminate the plague is to find the murderer and expel him. The Oracle's clue~ the murderer is in the city.

Oedipus then sends Creon out to find the one witness to the murder, later finds out that he WAS the murderer, even later finds out that he killed his FATHER, and soon after finds out that he is married to his mother (uh-oh).

We have a disaster, a clue, a murderer, a witness, a riddle, an orphan, incest, and exile; all of these make it seem like a detective/ mystery story. But it is so much more complex~ that's what makes it different. We have gods involved, prophets and oracles as advisors, and riddles that make no sense..... because in the real world of detective novels these things have no "real" substance.


Oedipus Rex

how does oedipus react to teiresia's refusal to speak?

how does oedipus react to teiresia's refusal to speak?