Number the Stars

Describe what happens to Annemaire, Ellen, and Kirsti on the way home from school

Anniemaire,Ellen,and Kirsti on the way home a soilder came and reach down and strocked Anniemaire Little sister short tangled  curls. Anniemaire order her little sister to stand still silently Kirsti  refused  the soldiers hand from going into her short tangled curls.


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Annemarie and Ellen race home from school, while Annemarie’s younger sister, Kirsti, trails behind. Annemarie hopes to win the running race at school the following week. As they barrel down the sidewalk, two German soldiers suddenly stop them. The tall soldier, whom Annemarie calls ‘The Giraffe,’ asks why they are running and questions them about their identities. The girls are scared but the soldier breaks the tension when he tries to touch Kirsti’s hair and Kirsti slaps his hand away. The Giraffe says that Kirsti reminds him of his own daughter back home. The soldiers let Annemarie and Ellen go, reminding them not to run because it makes them look like hoodlums.