why does elie juxtapose the prisoners fighting for food with the story of the children fighting for coins? who/what is elie criticizing?

whats the answer

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Elie asks kindly of the cold hearted Parisian woman to not throw the coins because the children are attacking themselves as if they were some wild animals. That is what Elie is reminded of when a couple of men throw a piece of bread in the car where they were. The people inside the car are attacking themselves just like the children were with the coins. Elie doesn't even make an effort to try to get a piece of bread because he might not feel as strong, he might feel as if he is losing the little dignity that he has left. He doesn't want to be the same as the others, biting, hitting, and killing for food. I felt really upset about this whole scene. It was unacceptable for people to do this to those who are suffering. These types of things that people did for "fun" were just so inhumane.