What were the ghettos? How did the Jews of Sighet feel about these ghettos?


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The Ghettos were places where Jews were rounded up and forced to live in. They were forced to leave their houses and basically quarantined to an area. There was a large one in the center of the town and a smaller one on the outskirts. Eliezer and his family live in the first ghetto. Many Jews didn't mind this too much. They were with their families and thought they would spend the rest of the war in them.

So They Didn't Like Their Ghettos ?

At first it was sort of ok, then it got worse by more people being put in the ghetto, until you had large families living in one room, then the food became scarce and people started starving to death. In the end, it was horrible. Then they were, as history tells us, put in cattle cars and sent to Concentration Camps.

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