What are some of the methods the people on the train tried in order to quiet Madame Schachter? Where does the train finally stop?

Could you also tell me what chapter this is located in?

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This is in Chapter 2. After hours of her screaming, the people on the train can take no more, and they tie her (Madame Schachter) up, gag her, and begin beating her to make her stop screaming about the fire. She breaks free from her restraints and periodically screams throughout the night, until everyone else on the train feels like they are about to go mad too. Finally, the wagons arrive at Auschwitz, which they are told is a labor camp where conditions are good. People's spirits lift, although Madame Schaechter continues to scream. When the train finally stops, they are at Birkenau, the reception center for Auschwitz.