What are details about Elie's family members and his home in Signet?

i need to know the anwser because my class is going to have a test on this book soon.

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Eli has a mother and a seven year old sister (Tzipora). The only constant family Eli has in the book is his father. It is this relationship that is most developed in the story. Still, Eli mentions that he never really got to know his little sister and would have liked to be closer to her. Although he loved his mother, there is not too much detail about her in the context of their relationship. The people in Sighet were rather naive about what could happen to them. They are too engrossed in their own lives to believe the coming tragedy. The townspeople were at first not alarmed by the German presence in Sighet. Elie writes, "Our first impressions of the Germans were most reassuring." Soldiers were billeted in private homes; some of them were even Jewish. Some German officers were even kind like the one that stayed with the Kahn family. Many Jews were brought under the false impressions that the Germans may not be that bad.