Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

In the book nickel and dimed what type of diction does the writer use?

Nothing simple need a AP style answer please

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The structure of Nickel and Dimed is straightforward: each of her month-long experiments takes up a single chapter, making each chapter an episode in an extended quest. This helps reinforce the idea that each month-long experience is a distinct world of its own and that all these worlds are separate from the reality of Ehrenreich's normal life. These three main chapters are bookended by two considerably shorter chapters. "Introduction: Getting Ready" explains the genesis, or origin, of the experiment. The diction is simple enough. Much of it is really her colloquial musings, thoughts and experiences. The book is rooted in the realities of lower middle-class and working poor. The diction follows this. It is straight forward and in itself, hard hitting.