Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

How was the author's experience in Minnesota similar to living in Florida?

similarities or differences between living in Minnesota and Florida

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There really are not many. There are small differences in what happens but the challenges seem identical. Instead of restaurant or hotel cleaning Ehrenreich manages to secure positions at both Wal-Mart and Menards (a houseware store). After a grueling eight-hour orientation session at Wal-Mart, however, Ehrenreich feels too exhausted to make it to her morning shift at Menards and bails. Wal-Mart becomes her only workplace—and with its “unctuous service ethic”, railing assistant manager, and demeaning philosophy, it soon inspires a great deal of hostility in Ehrenreich. The rent she pays a day at her hotel $49.95, eats up more of her income. Florida seemed a little better rent-wise. In the end, being part of the working-poor underclass was more or less the same regardless of city.