Nervous Conditions

Why did these parents allow Nyasha/Tambu to experience a western culture if they disagreed with that culture to begin with?

If they did not agree with Western culutre, especially educating women, why would they send them in the first place?

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Education was equated with success, Nyasha's father was successful, and his children received an education because he was a forward thinker,. Tambu, on the other hand, was in her words, "not sorry" when Nhamo (her brother) dies because it means that she will be able to attend a colonial school in his place. When Tambu moves to the mission, however, she feels conflicted between her duty to Babamurku and her burgeoning independence. Meanwhile, Nyasha, who has been educated in England, does not hold back. All of the women in Nervous Conditions try to rebel against the male patriarchy with various levels of success - but nevertheless, understand that there is a battle to be fought.