Nervous Conditions

How does Babamukuru make Nyasha a victim of her femaleness, just as Tambu had been made one at the homestead when Nhamo went to school?

page 118 

book nervous condition 

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The stigma of women behaving unchastely is clear in Babamukuru's reprimanding of Nyasha for staying out too late talking to Andy. He yells at her for being indecent, and scolds Chido because "you let your sister behave like a whore without saying anything." He hits his daughter to "teach her a lesson," but she is obstinate and hits him right back in the eye, saying, "I told you not to hit me." Tambu thinks "how dreadfully familiar" the fight is, with Babamukuru "condemning Nyasha to whoredom, making her a victim of her femaleness."