Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Mrs. Auld as depicted in the narrative, is different from other slave mistresses like Mrs.Hamilto and Mrs. Hicks. do you agree or not? why?

Sophia Auld

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Mrs. Auld

Sophia Keithley Auld married Hugh Auld and was Douglass's mistress in Baltimore. Before her marriage she worked as a weaver. She treated him kindly and respectfully when he first moved in with the family, but soon fell prey to the downfalls of slavery. She became cruel and controlling, especially after her husband forbade her to teach Douglass his ABCs. However, she and Douglass stayed in contact even when he moved to the North, and her son told Douglass that she had always spoken of him kindly. Unlike the other women, she did always feel a sense of compassion for Douglas.