Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

In what ways are earlier representations of white slave masters similar and/or different to contemperory representations?

methods of representations for slave masters

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By contemporary, do you mean slavery today? Certainly slavery exists in many forms today. It is, for the most part, hidden rather than easily seen. Children in developing countries work for sub contractors of bigger companies. Often these are slave-like conditions under the guise of "business". The slave trade in terms of old white males and black slaves was much more in the open and accepted by most people in the white community. It was a different dynamic.

No,no I mean by contemperory, the contemperory texts in comparision to old text writen in slavery eras

I'm sure the old texts are quite complacent if not supportive of slavery where as contemporary texts would tend to be more critical and objective.

For example schoolteacher in Beloved and Dr. Flint in Jacos's incidents or Mr. Auld in Douglass's Narratives. How they are represented in the works, in terms of writing and description, the writer's views