Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Describe the role of Biblical allusions in Douglass' narrative.

How do the stories of Noah's son Ham, the book of Job, Daniel and the lion's den, and others comment on religious foundations of slavery and how the bible can be read as either a source of oppression or liberation? (use textual evidence)

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Religion weaves itself through the text in a myriad of ways. Douglass expresses that he is a spiritual man and a Christian, but takes pains to explain that his Christianity is based on the teachings of Christ, not the hypocritical perversions of the religion by slaveholders. He lambasts their pretensions to piety that conceal their corruption and evil. He chastises the Church for supporting the system of slavery, and calls the fake Christians Pharisees for their abhorrent actions and words. Importantly, he locates authentic Christianity in the black community. Douglass also alludes to the traditional religious beliefs of Africans, legitimating them alongside Christianity.