My Antonia

What happens when jake and Jim go to get the horse collar Ambrosch

The Shimerdas book 1 of my antonia

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Jim and Jake went to the Shimerdas to retrieve a horse-collar that Ambrosch had borrowed but not returned. Ambrosch is surly and gives Jake a collar in very poor condition. The two men get into a scuffle, with Ambrosch fighting unfairly and Jake knocking him down. Ántonia screams hatred at them, and Mrs. Shimerda threatens with the law. While leaving, Jim and Jake express their distrust of foreigners and say they're just not the same as other people. Grandfather simply laughs at the story and tells Jake to go to town and pay his fine. Jake happens to sell a pig at the same time, and the Shimerdas mock him because they think he needed to sell it in order to have enough money to pay the fine.