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What happened when Ántonia asked Jim to spend the night at Wick Cutter’s house? Why was this significant to the story? Explain

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At the end of the summer, the Cutters leave Black Hawk on a business trip, and Ántonia comes to the Burdens to complain about feeling uneasy. Mr. Cutter had put all the silver and important documents under Ántonia's bed and told her that she had to sleep there in order to keep them safe. Worried that Mr. Cutter is playing some sort of trick, she gets Jim to sleep at the Cutters in her bed, while she stays with Grandmother. On the third night, Jim awakes to find Mr. Cutter trying to grope him. They get into a fight, with Mr. Cutter beating Jim fiercely about the face. Jim runs back home and in the morning feels disgusted, ashamed, and angry at Ántonia. He refuses to see her or a doctor and is worried about word getting around town.