My Antonia

Through Jim's descriptions, readers understand that Antonia is a character who is high-spirited, proud, and generous. In which situations does Antonia show each of these traits? What other traits does she display?

Book 1

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A few years older than Jim, Ántonia arrives with her family in Nebraska at the same time as Jim. She is a strong and independent young girl who is proud to work her family's farm, even though it makes her seem masculine to Jim. After her father's suicide, Antonia works the farm seemingly single handed. She remains close to Jim retaining that spirit he first saw in her eyes. After having a child out of wedlock, she stays in the country and remarries, having many children. Certainly Antonia never whined or gave up. She survived death of close ones, rape and hard labour. When Jim sees Antonia, after many years, she looks old and tired. Still the traits that you mention are there, written upon her face and in her essence.