My Antonia

in what qays does antonia seem like the yong girls jim had know? hes she changed much since the days of there childhhod? in what ways does she grow, change and develiped throughout the novel?

in what ways does she stay the same?

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When we first meet Antonia she is young, pretty and determined to succeed in a hostile land. She wants to educate herself and better her life. Unfortunately her father dies and she is forced to abandon her dreams. Antonia is forced to take care of her family. She marries young to a man who gets her pregnant, takes her money, and abandons her. When Jim finally returns to see Antonia years later, he finds not the youthful spirited girl but an older woman and a survivor. She still has the work ethic and stoic beauty but she is older and the harsh years show on her. Still Antonia has found something that Jim has not. Unlike Jim who is divorced and lacks direction, Antonia is married with children. The marriage isn’t ideal and her life is difficult but at least she has found contentment.