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Marcin- I don't see any questions posted here............ did you post them previously?

i forgot... give me few minutes...

20. Both "Through the One Way Mirror" and "The Border: The Glare of Truth" deal with countries that border the United States. List at least three similarities in both authors' portraits of the United States.

21. Look at the predictions that Asimov makes about the effect that the end of dial clocks will have on people in the future. Choose two of those predictions and write a short response in which you argue whether or not these predictions have come true. Write at least five sentences.

22. Go to pages 44-45 of your textbook and look at the SkillBuilder section which focuses on foreshadowing in The Sound of Thunder. Based on the list that you created on pages 44-45, list three examples of foreshadowing which tell you that Eckels will eventually lose his nerve and not kill the dinosaur.

23. Using the list that you complied in the SkillBuilder exercise on page 51, write a paragraph of at least five sentences in which you explain why Asimov thinks that the digital clock is such a bad thing. Be sure to include at least three examples which Asimov uses to support his argument.

24. Look at the SkillBuilder exercise that you did on page 61 for "Once More to the Lake" Write a paragraph that is at least six sentences long which compares and contrasts the lake as it was when White was a child with the way the lake was when he visited it as an adult.

25. Harrison Bergeron, The Sound of Thunder, and By the Rivers of Babylon all present visions of the future. Write a descriptive paragraph of five to eight sentences about what it would be like to live in one of these future societies. Please be sure to include specific details from the story that you have chosen to write about.

These are very involved questions and would take an enormous amount of time to answer. I suggest you read through gradesaver's study guides in order to research these literary works a bit further and formulate your answers.

Ok thank you :D