Mother Courage and Her Children

written in the forceful language of the period, mother courage and her children is richin brilliant observed characters(martin esslin)discuss and illustrate this proposition.

this question comes from mother courage and her children.

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Brecht often uses broad characters to illustrate didactic points. While Mother Courage has some of these, there are others - particularly Courage herself, her children, and the Cook - who indeed are rich characters. Courage's profanity and extremity of language hides a real concern for her children's safety, even as she profits from the war. She is lost in an unceasing contradiction as a purveyor of goods. Cook too suffers from feelings he does not express, and he often betrays them and the ones it seems he might love. Lastly, the various degrees to which Courage's children embrace or disdain the war that is their only choice creates contradictions that enrich the characters.