During the bombing at the Capitol towards the end of the novel, why was the bombing of the parachutes to "protect Snow"? Someone mentioned this a few minutes ago.


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In Part III, after overhearing Peeta and Gale's conversation about her, Katniss wonders if they really think she is so cold and calculating. On television the next morning, the squad sees that many of the Capitol citizens have been instructed to evacuate. The Peacekeepers are assigning other Capitol citizens to take in refugee houseguests, even President Snow. Meanwhile, the search for the missing rebels has intensified. Katniss decides it's time to refocus on her mission to kill Snow. Tigris styles the squad as refugees before they set off. Cressida and Pollux are the guides, Katniss and Gale are disguised as refugees looking for shelter in Snow's mansion, and Peeta (who is finally out of his handcuffs) will create a distraction if and when it is required.

They are quickly separated in the stream of refugees and Peacekeepers. The Capitol turns into a war zone - rebels vs. Peacekeepers, with the refugees caught in the crossfire. At one point, the street opens up beneath them and Katniss finds herself dangling from the rubble. Gale is able to rescue her but in the process, the Peacekeepers capture him. He screams for Katniss to keep moving. As Katniss reaches Snow's mansion, though, she realizes that all the refugees huddled in front of it are children - a human shield to protect President Snow. A hovercraft with the Capitol's seal appears above the wall of children and drops silver parachutes down on them (usually used to distribute gifts). But these parachutes detonate - they are bombs. Katniss watches a group of rebel medics run in to help the injured children. Just as Katniss identifies Prim amongst the helpers, the rest of the parachutes detonate.