Miss Julie

Miss Julie Analysis

Miss Julie” is Strindberg’s famous play, which is an absolute breakthrough in drama for its epoch and all contemporaries took this play as a bold and even naturalistic thing. It is not difficult to interpret this play, because the author wrote an extensive preface, in which readers can notice the several features of the declaration and manifesto of the method.

The play “Miss Julie” has only three main characters, who form a love triangle. With the help of a love triangle, the author shows that at first love is like heaven, but then it turns into hell, where three main heroes need to survive and fight with emotions and wishes. Readers can even put a question, which concerns Jean, Julie and Kristin: does love exist between the main characters in the house, where they live? Every character tries to struggle for the happiness and love, taking it away from the loved people.

If you want to understand, what Strindberg wrote in the play, you should grasp the context of time. Just in the 80’s of the nineteenth century, science suddenly became to develop. All sciences were completely different – from technical ones to humanitarian ones. However, the most developed science was medicine, which was connected with psychiatry. This theme is closely connected with “Miss Julie”. The hysterics of the main heroine Julie remind the atmosphere of a psychiatric clinic.

At that time, the romantic period in the culture was already disappeared, so naturalism replaced it. Previously, all actions of the characters were explained by the dictates of the soul, a mighty passion of the heart and other high motives, but now people began to find the answer of all actions in physiology. Kristin blames Julie in her hysteria, because she is a woman and she has menstruation.

Strindberg is sure that the woman is an embodiment of the worst problems that are in the world. In the play, the woman is both depraved and foolish, but the biggest sin is that she wants to be with the man on an equal footing. She wants all equal rights, independence and duties. This sexual problem takes center position in the play. Julie is a half-woman, because her crazy mother brought her up as a boy.

Among other things, “Miss Julie” is significantly different from other plays for those times. Strindberg was a fierce innovator and even later, he created his own chamber theater. That is why he had his own opinion about the structure of the play. Firstly, this play has only three main characters. Secondly, the play is very short. August Strindberg was against a lot of acts and intermissions.

“Miss Julie” is a play, which does not have a genius plot or something inspiring, but it shows the relationship between poor and rich people. It shows that a person is willing to sacrifice everything in order not to be rejected by the family and society. This play teaches readers that temptation is a human weakness. It you are get tempted, your reputation and respect will be lost.

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