A Midsummer Night's Dream

theme of magic


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The magical and the fairy world so much explicit in the play a midsummer night dreams is deliberately conceived to blend the natural and the magical to squeeze a comical effect that serves as a chief concern for the play,Shakespeare makes use of the romantic realm of two pair of lovers and play magical prank on them to achieve the fun and bizarre out of confusion created with the help of the fairy characters and the mischiveous puck who mistook his task by anointing the potion on the eyes of the wrong person(Lysander) and that constitutes and arise so much complication among the lovers.Magic in this play utlised to exasperate the love relations among the lovers initially and the same magic ia again used to restore and solve the confusion.Central fairy character titania,oberon and puck exemplifies and exersises the magic over throughout the play which transforms the play into a dream like atmosphere but the conflicts between the characters remains s a fragment trait that contitute the farce in the play....