A Midsummer Night's Dream

In real life, how people can relate to the plot of the story "A midsummer night's dream?

How people can feel related to the plot and theme of the story in general? If anyone had similar experiences about it if you can write, thank you!

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There is the old cliché that opposites attract. Certainly Beatrice and Benedick are a fine example of this. They are bickering and feuding for much of the play but all this conflict holds back a flood of latent attraction. This type of conflict chemistry is said to be common in real life. I think the whole idea of the Madonna Hoer complex which Claudio suffers from is also imbedded, to varying extents, in western culture. The idea that a woman is virginal and pure until the man thinks otherwise exists even today. Claudio rebukes Hero at the slightest rumour of infidelity. When he finds out this was a lie, she becomes his Madonna again.