A Midsummer Night's Dream

Describe private, public and court theatres of the Elizabethan age.

this quest comes in the william shakespeare volume

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There were basically two types of theatres in Elizabethan England. One was Indoor or "private" and the other was Outdoor or "public". Both were open to anyone who could pay, but the private theatres cost more, were smaller, and had a more select audience. Nine Public playhouses were built between 1576 and 1642.The three most important – were all outside the city limits of London:

The Globe (1599)

The Fortune (1600)

The Swan (?)

I'm going to link you with a site that will give you a detailed description of each one. Just check out the source-link below. It's easy to understand and way better than that diorama I made of the Globe in grade 10! In terms of court theatre, I think that might have been strictly for the royalty and high nobility of the king's court. You know, like when the players did the "Murder of Gonzago" in Hamlet.



Oh, before the theatre was considered "proper" for nobility, Inn yards and tavern squares were the hot spot for the "groundlings". I suppose they still existed after the theatres were built but they certainly were not considered reputable.