Merchant of Venice

Why is the opinion of Lancelot and Jessica about Portia in the scene so important enough for Shakespeare to show

It is from Act 3 Scene 5. PLZ answer it I am not able to do it and plz give big answer and explain it more. PLz.

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It's actually Jessica who sums up her adoration for Portia,

"Past all expressing. It is very meet

The Lord Bassanio live an upright life,

For having such a blessing in his lady,

He finds the joys of heaven here on earth.

And if on earth he do not merit it,

In reason he should never come to heaven.

Why, if two gods should play some heavenly match

And on the wager lay two earthly women,

And Portia one, there must be something else

Pawned with the other, for the poor rude world

Hath not her fellow."

This is important because Portia is the one who will sort affairs out to the satisfaction of all the Christians in the play. Portia will enable Jessica's conversion to Christianity and marriage to Lancelot as well as punishing Shylock.