Merchant of Venice

which are the two main stories woven into the merchant of venice?Explain in detail

plz explain in detail

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The main two plots involve "the bond story" and the "lottery casket" story/ Both are interlinked with each other. The main plot involves Antonio att odds with Shylock the Jew over a "pound of Antonio's flesh" being forfeited to Shylock the Jew. THe

‘‘The Merchant of Venice ‘consists of four plots- two major and two minor, so intricately interwoven to form one whole integrated story. The two main plots comprise ‘The Bond Story’ and ‘The Lottery of Caskets’. These two plots are closely interlinked. The main plot of this play pertains to Antonio and the Jew and money-lender, and of the bond that Antonio sighs and subsequently forfeits. This story is known as ‘The Bond Story’. THe next story revolves around Portia’s father,demanding conditions involving Portia and her potential suitors for marriage: this is known as 'The Casket Story'.