Merchant of Venice

what is the significance of the title of the play the merchant of venice?

kindly tell me the answer of this questions as soon as possible....

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I believe that the significance in the title comes down to the fact that the reader is never quite sure who Shakespeare is referring to. In this play, two of the main characters are in fact merchants. First, we have Antonio (shipping merchant and Bassanio's friend). Secondly, we have Shylock, the Jewish merchant who requires Antonio to secure Bassanio's debt. Because we have no idea who the real main character is, Shakespeare has left us to guess as to whom his protagonist is. Which of these characters is he siding with; with whom does his sympathy lie; does he condemn one or both? To me, the significance of the title can be found in trying to figure it all out. We're meant to wonder.


The Merchant of Venice