Merchant of Venice

shylock is a complex character and his plight of marginalisation in a Christian society is treated with sympathy in the play. prove r disapprove???

the merchant of venice.... plz answer this question urgently

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the physical appearance of the 'urgent' makes no difference. The answer is still no, so I suggest you take your time slowly.


Rida, please ignore him. I will get back to u on this

This is a matter of opinion. It's really hard to tell what Shakespeare intended when he introduced the prejudice against Shylock (and all Jews), and Shylock's preferred methods of revenge. I've never completely decided exactly who Shakespeare sympathizes with..... although, in the end, we cannot help but sympathize with Shylock when he gets down on his knees prepared to beg for mercy or when he is asked to renounce his religion in favor of Christianity.


who is he?