Merchant of Venice

Regarding Prince of Morocco and his choice of sliver casket

1)How do the words of the scroll provide an appropriate answer to the reasoning which led morocco to his choice?

2)It is more difficult to understand how the skull inside is appropriate given the inscription on the outside (who chooseth me shall gain what many man desire)

Can you think of any possible connection between the two?

(Thank you so much! This is a guiding question from a MOV study book but there isnt an accurate answer key provided to that. I appreciate anyone who offers help! :) thank you!)

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The Prince of Morocco chooses the golden casket. Its riddle reads, "Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire" When he chooses that casket he believes it will hold an "angel in a golden bed," but instead finds a skull with some paper placed in its eye socket. The inscription says that not everything that glitters is gold, meaning that whoever chose this casket was looking for gain rather than a wife.

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