Merchant of Venice

Is all the praises of Jessica for Portia(in Act 3 Scene 5) defined in merchant of Venice? Give reasons.

Jessica praises Portia highly why?

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It is Jessica praising Portia. Jessica praises Portia for being such a wonderful hostess before entering the house to get their dinner.

Past all expressing. It is very meet

The Lord Bassanio live an upright life,

For having such a blessing in his lady,

He finds the joys of heaven here on earth.

And if on earth he do not merit it,

In reason he should never come to heaven.

Why, if two gods should play some heavenly match

And on the wager lay two earthly women,

And Portia one, there must be something else

Pawned with the other, for the poor rude world

Hath not her fellow.