Merchant of Venice


hello, may i please have your email? i'd like to talk to you privately please. much appreciated

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Hey, sorry we don't give out private e-mails but you can certainly use this same link and I'll do my best to help you.

how do you delete questions? is that possible

No it isn't, Once you post, it is pretty much there. Unless it's something inappropriate, I would not worry. You can always ask a new one on the same link or ask whole new question.

Aslan, You are always a joy to get help from. My question is when i log into my gradesaver account and want to answer a question. It asks for the question box then underneath give more details, etc, but my problem is the category box. When i type in the name of the book or school it keeps giving me Invalid Category. Am I in the wrong place? I have done this before as you know but getting frustrated not knowing what the category is? Help?

Aslan will not be available until late this evening.

Thanks Jill. I even emailed how to contact gradesaver about this. And I cannot delete the post. I do apologize. I will try to figure it out.

I wouldn't worry about it. I believe they can delete it if they want to. I will let them know too! I've tried to be very careful since they've asked us not to answer unrelated questions.......... it is confusing for people to see uncategorized questions under specific novel headings, so I understand the concern.