Merchant of Venice

ACT III SCENE 2: Which casket does Bassanio choose? & What does he find when he opens the casket?

BASSANIO: Therefore then, thou gaudy gold, Hard food for Midas, I will none of thee. Nor none of thee, thou pale and common drudge 'Tween man and man. But thou, thou meagre lead, Which rather threaten’st than dost promise aught, Thy paleness moves me more than eloquence, And here choose I. Joy be the consequence! opening the lead casket) What find I here? Fair Portia’s counterfeit! What demigod Hath come so near creation? Move these eyes? Or whether, riding on the balls of mine, Seem they in motion? Here are severed lips, Parted with sugar breath. So sweet a bar Should sunder such sweet friends.

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Bassanio chooses the lead casket and finds Portia's portrait inside.


The Merchant of Venice