What is a friend or enemy in this world? How does one become either a friend or enemy? How are these words used in the play?


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Medea speaks out to her friends, the women of Corinth.

"I have lost all pleasure in living and I want to die, my friends. The man who was everything to me, try to understand this, has turned out to be the vilest man alive, my own husband."

Medea cites that Jason has friends and family, while she has no one.

"You have this city and your father's home, enjoyment of life, and the companionship of friends, but, alone and without a city, I am abused by my husband, carried off as plunder from a foreign land, I have no mother, no brother, no relative to offer me a safe haven from this disaster."

Medea is without friends.

"What friend abroad will offer me asylum and a secure home and save my life?

There is none."

Jason acknowledges he has become his wife's enemy.

"It won't be easy for an enemy to come out victorious in a battle with her."

Medea's loss of her family and status as an enemy.

"This is how it is. I have made myself an enemy to my loved ones at home, the very ones I should not have Euripides, hurt; in helping you I have enemies."