What becomes Haskel( the cousin refused to save Vladek's in law even though accepted their jewels) why do you think Vladek still sent him gifts?

Chapter 5

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Haskel is Vladek's cousin, and chief of the Jewish Police in the Srodula ghetto. He is the brother of Miloch and Pesach. He is what Vladek calls a kombinacya, or "schemer." While he is a rather unsavory character, he is a good person to know in the ghetto. When Vladek's family is discovered in the "chandelier" bunker and sent to a compound to wait for transport to Auschwitz, Haskel arranges for Vladek, Anja, and Lolek to be released in exchange for valuables. He also accepts valuables for assistance in releasing Anja's parents, but ultimately refuses to help them. Upon their release, he arranges for them to work at a shoe repair shop resoling German boots. Haskel ultimately survives the war, and Vladek sends him packages for some time afterwards.