4. How are the Jewish prisoners of war treated? Do they live under the same conditions as the other prisoners? Explain.


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Even though Vladek was still Polish and Jewish he was still considered as a “bad person” just because he is a Jew. Many things that were going along in the book showed different kind of discrimination and it showed how the Polish People were getting all the good things and how the Jews were getting mistreated. In the book it shows some type of discrimination because the Polish people slept in heated cabins while Vladek and the Jews slept in tents i n autumn because he said, “Yes and we were just left to freeze in these tents,” (53). This could show some type of discrimination because while the Polish people were nice, comfortable and warm, the Jews w ere suffering because they slept in tents and they did not have any covers to protect them from the cold. Another way that the Jews were getting discriminated were that the Pols were getting more food then Vladek and the Jews. Discrimination was getting worse and worse because the Pols had two meals a day while the Jews only had one. It showed discrimination because Vladek said “The other prisoners get two meals a day. We Jews get only a crust of bread and a little soup,” (53). This quote shows that everything was going good for the Pols because how they have the advantage of getting more then the Jews they would be getting stronger and healthier. Even though they were getting discriminated the Pols didn’t care and they kept doing it.