Mansfield Park


  • Fanny Price, the niece of the family at Mansfield Park, with the status of a dependent poor relation.
  • Lady Bertram, Fanny's aunt. She is married to the wealthy Sir Thomas Bertram, the middle sister of three Wards, the others being Mrs Norris and Fanny's mother.
  • Mrs Norris, elder sister of Lady Bertram, whose husband was the local parson until his death.
  • Sir Thomas Bertram, baronet and husband of Fanny's aunt, owner of the Mansfield Park estate and one in Antigua.
  • Thomas Bertram, elder son of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, seven years older than Fanny.
  • Edmund Bertram, younger son of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, who plans to become a clergyman, six years older than Fanny.
  • Maria Bertram, elder daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, three years older than Fanny.
  • Julia Bertram, younger daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, two years older than Fanny.
  • Dr Grant, incumbent of the Mansfield Park parsonage after Mr Norris dies.
  • Mrs Grant, wife of Mr Grant, and half-sister of Henry and Mary Crawford.
  • Henry Crawford, brother of Miss Crawford and half-brother of Mrs Grant.
  • Mary Crawford, sister of Mr Crawford and half-sister of Mrs Grant.
  • Mr. Rushworth, Maria Bertram's fiancé, then husband.
  • The Hon. John Yates, friend of Tom Bertram.
  • William Price, Fanny's older brother.
  • Mr Price, Fanny's father, an officer in the Marines who lives in Portsmouth.
  • Mrs Price, born Frances (Fanny) Ward, Fanny's mother.
  • Susan Price, Fanny's younger sister.
  • Lady Stornoway, a society woman, complicit in Mr Crawford and Maria's flirtation.
  • Mrs Rushworth, Mr Rushworth's mother and Maria's mother-in-law.
  • Baddeley, the butler at Mansfield Park.

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