Maniac Magee

Can you tell me the diference of The Beales home to the home of the McNab’s?

Please answer me is for homework

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The McNab home was unkempt, cluttered, garbage was everywhere, and the paint was peeling off the walls. Roaches are pemanent guests, all games are inside games, and kids drink beer as if it is Kool-Aid.

The first thing he did see was a yellow, short- haired mongrel looking innocently up at him while taking a leak in the middle of the living room floor.

After closing the front door, which was surprisingly heavy, Maniac found a stack of newspapers in a corner.

Cans and bottles lay all over, along with crusts, peelings, cores, scraps, rinds, wrappers -- everything you would normally find in a garbage can. And every- where there were raisins.

They raid the fridge for beer. They smoke cigarettes. They belch and fart. They curse. Russell and Piper, kiddie Cobras, pop their own beer cans, guzzle, swagger, belch, smoke, curse.r

The Beale home was very different than the McNab's. Mrs. Beale was warm and welcoming. The house was clean, Maniac had an actual bed to sleep in (he still slept on the floor), and filled with love. Maniac had found a family. The children took regular baths, the family went to church, the house was quiet, and Maniac loved everything about it.

He was there for dinner, when Hester and Lester pushed their chairs alongside his.
He was there to help Amanda mend her torn book.
He was there watching TV afterward, with Hester riding one knee, Lester the other.

Late one night she opened the door and found Maniac sleeping on the floor. She lugged him onto the bed, but by the next night he was back on the floor. Maniac just couldn't stand being too comfortable.