Who is to blame?

I need help on who is to blame for everything that happened in the storie in the story? and why? is it the three witches, macbeth, lady macbeth, etc

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I personally think that Macbeth is the one to blame. He could have resisted the witches' prophecies and made choices that went against them, but he decided not to. HE killed Duncan, not the witches, not Lady Macbeth. He did. HE sent the murderers to kill Banquo. Even though everything was prophesied by the witches, Macbeth was the one that followed through on them, and he is to blame for everything.

I agree that Macbeth himself is to blame.

lady macbeth is the one to blame... if she didnt push him into killing duncan the other murders wouldnt have happened. after the killing of duncan macbeth became a power crazed murderer. (amoral!!!)

My teacher made us do a sheet where we had to rank things on a 1-15 scale.. 1 being most evil and 15 being less evil.

Well, here is a wrench to throw in . . .

What about the witches?

The with sisters are only to blame in the fact that they equivocated the whole thing. They instigated it. They told Macbeth he would become king but they did not tell him how that would happen. He chose to kill Duncan and speed up the process because he just couldnt wait. All are to blame but Macbeth made it all happen and it was his decision to handle it how he wished. Which, apparently wasn't the best way to go...

As we studied in our college, King Duncan is to blame. He is responsible about the disorder that happened in the great chain of beings. That's because he didn't have the characteristics of a powerful king. He trusts everyone easily and people were turning rebellious against him.

Macbeth is to blame because he's the tragic hero. It's Shakespeare's M.O.

Plus, you can't blame the witches, because in that department Banquo serves as Macbeth's foil.

Macbeth is to blame because he saved them...who>

The Witches:

Last time I checked, this entire play wouldnt have exsisted without the witches. They were the ones who put this idea into Macbeths head. They were the ones who put these thoughts into Lady Mac's head. They were the ones who told Macbeth about the "prophicies." Macbeth's actions caused all the distruction but who gae him the insane idea in the first place. They made him crazy. If you really search for it there is a ton of textual evidence supporting this.



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I THINK LADY MACBETH IS TO BLAME b'cos lady macbeth in act 1 scene 7:

~asks macbeth whether he was drunk when he said "yes" for the murder before

~compares his lack of courage to green and pale

~asks him whether he's afraid to act upon his own desires

~asks him whether he's going to live like a coward or to his willings

~questions about his love to her

~questions on his masculinity

so as you see no man would stand for those insults. thats crystal clear

even if the witches gave prophecies they didnt threaten or force them to beleive their word, it was lady macbeth who beleived it as soon as she got to know it...... so no more blaming anyone. LADY MACBETH IS AT FAULT