Who is the third murderer?

In act III , macbeth plans to kill banquo... with two men... but they have a third murderer...

there can be an arguement on both sides to prove tat macbeth was the third murderer...

so wat points can u prove it is Macbeth himself...?/

Help plz...


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(I personally believe that it wasn't Macbeth who was the 3rd murderer) ..but here are some possibilities on how he could be:


That's ridiculous. He was at the party. The murderers would have recognized him anyways and not worried about trusting him. Reread the scene where the 3rd murderer is introduced.

He is not the third murderer. He couldn't kill Duncan, and he can't kill his friend Banquo. He sends hitmen to do his dirty work for him.

I agree. I believe that Macbeth was so paranoid that he sent another guy to help the other two out, just in case two murderers weren't enough...

based on my presumption in the third murderer in Macbeth

the third murder would be Macbeth servant

before and after Marybeth's soliloquy in lines 45 and in between 71-72

its shows that the servant knows that banquo is attending the party

and the servant knows whats happening in the palace gate(line 46)

when the murder happened (scene 3 line 2) the first murderer ask who send the third murderer in the murder of banquo and the third murderer said macbeth

in addition in line 13 the third murderer said that "almost a mile;but he does usually,make it their walk."

this supports that (back in line 46) the servant knows what the activities happening in the palace gate.

and also the last person whom macbeth have seen and spoken, was the servant.(line46 and after the line 72)

so i think the servant is the third murderer

i accidently mix my friends name and macbeth name )X

before and after Marybeth's soliloquy in lines 45 and in between 71-72

the marybeth should be macbeth*

sorry (:

i think it was ross, he always seems to know what is going on on both sides. think about it.

I believe is Hacte trying to fix what the whitchs done. And keeping the proficy a live.

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The third murderer is the third Witch. she is the prohet of destiny, and if she wasn't there to put out the light, Fleance would have died too, and there would have been no King James of Scotland.

When she says "Who put out the light?" it's like any criminal first blurting that out, to move suspecion away from her and onto someone else, probably weaker and fumbling. The funny thing is is that she was not there to kill Banquo, but to say Fleance, thereby fulfulling her profhecy.

It could have been Macbeth because at this time parties did not start until after the royalty were present. Macbeth would not have sent another murderer because that would mean more who were in on the plot. Who else could be angry enough to stab Banquo 20 times?


Senior English teacher Ms. Brimhall

i personally have to agree that Macbeth was the first murderer

no matter how everything went he was insecure and paranoid about everything

but we see how he gains his confidence in later scenes after killing Duncan

and plus he always in the end we see how killing as become something very simple to him..

i think this is ryt....

Macbeth was the least possible person to be the third murderer, because he was at his dinner party. Plus when news of Banquo's son getting was some what shocking to Macbeth that rules the man out.

Now the most likely person I think is one of the witches. They said Banquo's sons would be kings. They went to the scene of Banquos murder to make sure his son got away to make their prophecy true.

Macbeth's servant was also a possible suspect. Macbeth not being able to attend the murder may have sent a servant to keep an eye on things to make sure they went as planed. Macbeth was scared he'd get caught the whole play him not being there must have scared him even more, so the person that could best help him with that was probably his servant.

the third murderer is not Macbeth, but in fact is sayton. Think about it Macbeth was at the banquet the whole time and that the fact that he was shaken when he heard the news that Fleance escaped.


My 12 grade teacher

it could not hav been macbeth bcoz-

1. he was at the banquet when the murderers wre returning back. when the murderer entered macbeth had already competed his 2 speeches which means that if macbeth would have been the 3rd murderer he would have entered when the 1st murderer had entered.

2. when the ghost of banquo entered it sat on the chair of macbeth, which means that macbeth didn't keep any chair for banquo as there was only one chair left. if macbeth had kept a chair for banqou then there would have been 2 empty chairs. macbeth didn't keep any chair for banquo because he had faith in muderers.

3. he would not have got shocked on hearing the news of fleance escaping if he would have been the 3rd murderer.

either the 3rd murdrer is seyton.....because he was loyal towards macbeth...

or it could have been angus......

i think the third murderer can be lady macbeth

as she wasn't told about banquo's death, she didn't know about it but in the sleep walking scene she does mention about the assassination of Banquo.


spark notes (just for dialogues)

I had this question on my worksheet, and this is what I wrote:

I think the third murderer is Shakespeare himself jumping up onstage just to add some fan service to his play.