in act 1, scene 7, lady macbeth seems to be planning to murder duncan herself, but at the last moment, in act 2, scene 2, she is unable to wield her dagger. consider the reason she give, and decide what her actions and explanation reveal about her charact

its about MAcbeth

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L. Macbeth is a coward and probably the worst kind. For much of Act 1 L.Macbeth goes on about her husband being filled too much with the "milk of human kindness" and how she would bash her baby's head in to keep a promise. L. Macbeth never really planned to kill the king herself. Although she tells Macbeth to just sit there, “look like the innocent flower and leave the rest to me”, we can see that she is full of talk and bravado.. L. Macbeth leaves the daggars waiting for Macbeth. Her plan never included her doing the killing. At one point she states that she would have done it herself if the old king had not resembled her father. This, however, seems more a pathetic excuse to convince herself that she is ruthless rather than anyone else.